Jan 30, 2013

iPad News!

I have a very rare morning post. While reading the newspaper I an Apple product article. Apple is going to release a new 128GB iPad.

Based on what the article says, Apple announced it yesterday. Apple said the release date would be Feb. 5, next month. 128GB is double the storage of the current largest amount of GB they have (Which is 64GB).

This new GB version iPad will cost $799 for the Wifi model and $929 for the Wifi + Cellular version.

Note that this iPad is NOT the next generation iPad. Its the same 4th gen iPad but just with more gigs.

I think Apple is wasting there time with this release. Is it just me, or is a 128GB iPad model outrageous. But thats just what i think. Would you buy a 128GB iPad?

Stay tune for the next post, PEACE !