Mar 11, 2013

God of War Ascension

Single Player 
Compared to the other God of War Games, God of War Ascension does not begin as epically as the prequels. Kratos becomes the target for three demonic sisters known as The Furies because he broke a blood oath with the gods. The opening fight against one Fury, Megaera, isn't as epic as the big titan battles players have experienced in the beginnings of the past games of the series. So the game doesn't really impress you the same way the other God of War games did.

The younger Kratos in Ascension is more human (since he is still human), and given a slightly more conversational dialogue with other characters on screen. This dialogue, however, is sparse, leading to the game world feeling severely unpopulated. This game does take place in the past so it is dedicated in Kratos' character development. The story in this game does do a good job of that.

Game Play
Kratos' main weapon is the Blades of Chaos: a pair of blades attached to chains that are wrapped around Kratos' wrists. The blades can be swung around to attack enemies. Kratos is able to imbue the Blades of Chaos with different elemental properties, such as fire, ice, and black magic. Kratos is able to pick up weapons of defeated foes and use them (also allowing him to switch weapons mid-combo) for a limited amount of time.The rage meter also returns in this God of War and when filled it can grant Kratos increased power and amount of damage dealt. Once you master the combos the game becomes incredibly enjoyable.

This game is first to feature multiplayer (as you might have heard). The multiplayer features eight characters fighting in teams or by themselves. Capture the Flag is interesting but the staple Favour of Gods mode is the best multiplayer mode. Trials of the Gods is a "horde" mode style, wave based co-op mode which is definitely enjoyable when played with friends. 


This game features stunning graphics like Crysis 3 and massive environments that feature high-resolution textures. Kratos and every enemy in the game looks more realistic than ever. 

Conclusion and Judgement

This is it, Kratos' final adventure on PS3. It isn't as amazing as we wanted it to be but it is still a great game. The single player mode does not feature bosses as good as in the prequels. The gameplay is great and more balanced so its harder for the player so the game appears more appealing. The multiplayer is okay and it a good addition to the game. I love it but hard-core players and some meaner critics may not. And the graphics are stunning but it feels that SCE Santa Monica Studios could have done a better job. So I give the game a 7.5/10.

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