Apr 26, 2013

You Can Now Pre-Order the First Issue of BOOM! Studios' Regular Show Comic Book

BOOM! Studios is now allowing people to pre-order the new Regular Show comic! Regular Show is personally my favorite cartoon ever. Watching the reruns are not tiring but are actually enjoyable (I feel the same way about Adventure Time) unlike the old Cartoon Network cartoons. The comic is guaranteed to be a big hit! Over a year ago in February 2012, the same BOOM! Studios released the widely popular, sold-out first issue of the Adventure Time comic book. Sure Regular Show has a smaller fanbase than Adventure, but I think this comic book will be a huge success. Even though Regular Show's Facebook page has 2.3 million likes compared to Adventure Time's 6.5 million likes, this is the show that won an Emmy award.

If you don't believe me you can check it out on their Facebook page. They made the announcement 2 days ago. 

The Huffington Post has released quite a few sneak peaks of the comic available and we have them all right here. After seeing some pages from the upcoming comic, tell me what you think about it. Are you excited or are you angry because you don't think this is the right move for Regular Show at this time?