May 29, 2013

3 Reasons Why The PS4 Is Going To Dominate The Next Generation of Gaming

So much has happened within the past few weeks. Sony teased the reveal of the look of the new PlayStation 4, a ton of Android rumors were confirmed this week, and Microsoft finally revealed the Xbox One. But many gamers now agree that the PlayStation 4 is the console for them. Especially since 75% of 76,000 in an IGN poll said that they are disappointed in the Xbox One reveal. Honestly, I am too. However, I loved the PlayStation 4 reveal WAY better. But I’ll take it a step further and say that Sony could beat Microsoft at it’s own game...

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1. The Xbox One Is Just Another Watercooler

We all know it is. The Xbox ONE is everything but a gaming system. It runs three operating systems, it is heavily integrated with Windows 8, it’s integrated with Skype, it can use two apps simultaneously, and it can do other things that nobody cares about. Basically, you can just go to Mashable’s Watercooler section if you want to fully experience the Xbox One. EVERYONE on the internet is ranting about this!

2. The Xbox One Has A Slower RAM Than The PS4

Going into the next generation of gaming, it is obvious that every console is going to need as much power as they can get. Developers are expected to push these next-gen consoles to the limit so RAM is very important. Microsoft did not specify what type of RAM, CPU, or GPU would be in the Xbox One during the reveal. They were hiding something and for a good reason too. It wasn't until various media outlets asked Microsoft in a Q&A panel that this information was revealed. And now we know that the PS4 has 50% more “raw power” than the Xbox One because the Xbox One will make use of DDR3 RAM instead of the much faster GDDR5 RAM that will be featured in the PS4. It’s looking bleak for Microsoft as more games are expected to have graphics that very vivid and smoother than ever before and have environments that are HUGE and more detailed than ever before!

Even the outdated graph shows (it was mainly based on rumors that proved very accurate) that PlayStation 4’s RAM surpasses that of the Xbox One’s (or Durango’s, it’s project name).

3. Microsoft Hasn’t Been Doing Well

Microsoft hasn’t been having their way recently. Some people tend to think this started when Windows Vista was released and Google Chrome started dominating Internet Explorer. But I and many others blame the recent bad tidings on Windows 8. It’s very advanced and Microsoft has proven that but they are just not exciting anyone with their new OS, especially with the incident of them running out of time to add a notification center to Windows 8. It has come to the point where consumers cannot fall in love with Microsoft anymore.

Microsoft’s woes don’t show any signs of going away. Windows 8 tablets seem like the devices Microsoft is selling the most of but the iPad dominates the tablet market with Android-powered tablets taking up the rest of the market share. Microsoft has to realize that they are not going to get out of this mess by doing the same thing over and over again, like they have been for the past 6 months. They have to offer us innovative products that we WANT.

But Microsoft has only one chance to redeem itself and they need to take advantage of it during E3.