Jun 28, 2013

Guest Post: How To Become The Next Adele

Singing sensations like Adele are an inspiration to performers and wannabes around the world. At just 25 years of age, she has Grammy awards and features in the Guinness World Records for a variety of achievements. Her success is what motivates people to get into the industry and become professional singers. Success didn't just land on the doorstep of Adele though, or countless other singers before her. So how did she do it and how can you strive for the same level of achievement?

Know What You Want

Adele is not just a singer, but a songwriter, musician, composer and arranger. Her huge list of talents has helped her along the way to become the superstar she is today, but you don't have to do all of these things together. Singing and songwriting often go hand-in-hand but it's not the end of the world if you don't like composing, or playing musical instruments doesn't come naturally to you. Figure out what it is that you want to do and focus on that. Don't feel that you need to learn to play half the instruments in an orchestra just to make it as a musical performer. If you have a talent for the piano and want to pursue it as well as having the voice of an angel, then combine the two. Just don't feel like you've already limited yourself if you don't want to be a musician.

Commit Yourself

Once you've decided what you want to do, you need to make a commitment to it. If you want to make it as a singer, you can't use it as a part-time activity; it has to become a priority. Take singing lessons and practice every single day. Work on the points that are weaker and rest your voice when you need to. Obviously you have to keep practicing, but if you are struggling with a throat infection, it's best to rest your vocal chords as much as possible. If you try to work through it, you may cause permanent damage to your voice. Join after-school club choirs and singing groups that allow you to work with other singers and perfect your voice.

Be Confident

It can be quite common for singers to suffer from stage fright and a lack of confidence in their performances. This can adversely affect your voice so if you are shy, make a conscious effort to overcome this. Consider enrolling into a stage school, which will allow you to be around other performers and work on your confidence. Sing in front of people whenever you have the opportunity, even if it's just family and friends. The more you do this, the greater chance there is of improving your confidence. Enter local and school talent shows to get used to performing to bigger crowds and make a conscious decision not to let your fear of performing affect you. Adele has been said to suffer from severe stage fright so imagine what it would be like if she let it overcome her. When you consider the confidence and strength behind her performances, it may help you to maintain your own composure on the stage.

About the Author

Twinkle toes blogger and journalist Lauren Sutton is a former child performer herself, having had dancing lessons at young age. She writes this post for Stagecoach UK, a leading school for young performers. Find out more about Stagecoach on Facebook and Twitter (@Stagecoach_GBR).